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About DawgByteCS

Guaranteed Results and Service When You Need It

Finding a good computer or network service technician is not easy and it can be risky as well. If you try a technician that is inefficient, or lacks the skills you require, you have wasted time and money and have to start all over again.

If you do find a good technician, chances are he/she will soon be in such demand that if you have urgent needs you will be left waiting for days to get service. And if they go on vacation when you need service, you are just out of luck.

With DawgByteCS, your satisfaction is guaranteed and you never have to be kept waiting. We maintain a wide array of qualified technicians to serve you at your convenience so that you can have fast service and a minimum of downtime.

Service Management Supervision

We also ensure your satisfaction through our service management system. Each call is supervised by a dedicated service manager who assists you in defining your computer and network service needs before the call even takes place and further assists the technician in being prepared for the job. This helps the call to get accomplished in less time thus reducing your overall onsite service costs.

Ensuring Quality Through Technician Support

No individual technician, no matter how experienced they are, will know the response to each computer or network service issue. When you work with a single technician, you are dependent on what they know. Sooner or later, they will come up short.

With DawgByteCS, you are receiving the benefit of our entire force of computer service technicians. We maintain a select group of highly skilled technicians with specific expertise for computer hardware, software, network and security issues, and many other aspects of technical support. When a DawgByteCS technician encounters a situation outside of their experience, or something that requires offsite research, they can call right from your location to tap into this expertise. We provide this support to ensure our technicians get the job done correctly and with a minimum expense of time. And all of this is done at no extra charge to you. It is all a part of how we ensure quality service.


DawgByteCS Technicians

Our Technicians are selected through our Process where we screen them for their knowledge, experience, friendliness, enthusiasm, and references in order to select the best of the best to become a DawgByteCS team technician. Basically, if we wouldn't want the applicant in our own home or office we don't want them in yours either. We strive to keep you, our customer, safe and satisfied.

Technicians certified by DawgByteCS carry a number of industry standard certifications or equivalant real world experience or both. They are also team players and good communicators. DawgByteCS service management system ensures this.